Tri-State Musicians' Union

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Benefits of Membership

Membership in an Organized Community of Musicians

Membership in Local 80 makes you a part of a strong community of musicians united in the cause of advancing the lives of musicians.

Referral Service

Local 80 actively encourages the public to use our referral service for their music needs.  Help and advice for them, more gigs for our members!


Contracts…and Collective Bargaining Agreements

Local 80 has available customized legal contract forms which provide protection for individual engagements, steady engagements and traveling work as a single performer or as a group.  In addition to contracts for individual engagements, Local 80 has negotiated exclusive Collective Bargaining Agreements with the Chattanooga Symphony and Opera Association,  the  Huntsville Symphony Orchestra Association and the Chattanooga Bach Choir

International Musician Newspaper

Every month, members receive the highly respected music industry publication of the AFM – the International Musician.  This Newspaper covers the players, the issues and the innovations of the international music scene as well as Federation news and commentary.

Local 80 Newsletter

Four times a year, members receive the Tri-State Musicians, Local 80 Newsletter.

A Collective Voice

It is only through the combined efforts of members that Local 80 and the AFM are able to better the position of musicians in our society. As a collective unit, we not only have a strong voice in collective bargaining and government lobbying, but anywhere that musicians work. As a member, you will have a voice in deciding our collective future.

 Other Benefits and Services

  • AFM 24-Hour Emergency Assistance
  • Insurance and Health Plans
  • Pension Fund
  • Special Member Discounts